Building my own web services to access TFS 2010.


  • Hi everyone, I have been tasked with creating a web service(usingVS2010) to query TFS (2010) by the workitem number. The user would access the web service, then type in the workitem number  and hit a go button.  This would call the web service, retrieve the title, and description and display it for the user on a seperate application. So starting this process I thought I would create a simple console application that does the same thing.  I was able to connect to the server and I am able to see the collection of projects that exists (which is 4 projects).  What I am looking for is some help in querying the Server so that I can type in workItem number and get a response in my console.   Does anyone have any examples, or direction or websites?  While I wait for an answer I will be searching the web. Thanks in advance. 

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 4:40 PM