TFS 2010 or TFS 2012 using Team Foundation Service --or Windows Azure --or TFS instance(s) - in premises.


  • Hi All,

    It's been few months now that I was out of touch from TFS, until now:)

    I'm trying to get some answers to the following?s if someone can help clarify those.

    First or all - Summary:

    1) Current TFS instance: TFS 2010 with SQL 2008 R2 on Win 2008 R2 with latest SPx for each.

    2) I have MSDN Ultimate Subscription/license, which shows I have VS 2012/TFS 2012 and other new features that i can download and start using.


    1) I'm planning to prepare a "new" TFS 2010 -or TFS 2012 machine and wondering if I can install / setup TFS 2012 or not.

    2) If I still go with setting up TFS 2010 again, I'm trying to find which option would save

         money for the company (as I saw that a recent post from MS says no more CALs for

        reporting/WorkItems etc or Free TEE as well).

       Where one of the options can be:

       i) Have TFS in Team Foundation Service environment

      ii) Have TFS in Windows Azure / hosted environment

     iii) If I go with in premises installation, I'll be configuring Multiple TFS App tier servers

    3) If all developers within company have MSDN, I assume they can connect to TFS 2010 or 2012 fine? or do they need any other license.

    4) What if developers dont have MSDN level subscription but company have purchased volume license for N# number of developers in past. Lets assume we have 500-1000 developers across all TFS projects in any collection, would they be fine accessing TFS 2012 (if I go with it) or do they need to upgrade.

    5) What's the cost effective way to get latest TFS 2010/2012 features - if we dont want to concentrate on setting H/W and things up and just concentrate on coding/configuring once in a while.

    6) If I go with Team Foundation Service based setup / Windows Azure, is the code that our company developers will push, safe / encrpyted / only accessible to our company?

    7) Where exactly the code will reside if we use TFS Service / Azure based TFS setup.

    8) If I use the softwares/features listed under MSDN subscriber downloads section, do I or any developer need license to use them.


    My main requirement here is to setup a reliable, failover based TFS Setup where in coming future we dont have to worry about new hardwares, upgrades to TFS/SQL and ease of using TFS with newest features (build/test/lab etc) for DEV team.

    If someone from MS wants to give me a call, please feel freel to reach me at:




    Arun Sangal Software Configuration Management Denver USA

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