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  • Hello Everyone,


    I've a VSTO Word Template project that's giving me a message that's been mentioned in a number of threads, but not, as far as I can see, for the same operation I'm doing.


    The VSTO Word Template is used to create a number of new documents.   These documents have a data file attached for mail merging.   The output may be to any of the options available, ie, email, new document, print, etc.


    When merging to a new document, all is well and the new mergerd document is saved under a different name.   The problem arises when the merged document is opened by itself, with none of the other files available, such as the VSTO template, document or data file.   When the merged document is opened, the following message is displayed:


    Office document customization is not available


    The customization assembly could not be found or could not be loaded.

    You can still edit and save the document.   Contact your administrator or the author of this document for further assistance.


    I could understand getting this message when editing the VSTO template or new document with the VSTO .dll not available, but I'm surprised at getting the message from a merged document.   The merged document may be emailed to another party who wouldn't have access to the original VSTO template for many reasons, for printing, etc.


    At first I thought this was to do with the merged document's template, but I changed that when the document is created by using the set_AttachedTemplate method, but to no avail.


    Would anyone happen to know how I can prevent this message appearing in the merged document?


    Many thanks,


    Andy Crawshaw



    Wednesday, January 30, 2008 2:46 PM


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