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  • Ok I am setting up a new Virtual Dev Environment as we have switched all servers to Server 2003 R2, SP2. Well my previous dev VM doesn't have enough hard drive space free, even though it has 4 gigs free to install Server 2003 SP2. So I decided to just to build a new one from scratch and give this one some massive HD space. 


    Anyway So here is my process. Set up new VM image, with the OS as Server 2003 R2 SP2 English installed right from my MSDN CD. Then after that is set up and running with options like MSMQ and IIS installed. Then hit windows Update and patch everything also install .net 3.0.


    Then install SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition, Full Install with all docs and samples. Then install Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition, then install Selective MSDN Library. Then install the Latest MSDN Library from CD overwriting the older stuff.


    Now we start patching. First install, SQL server 2005 BOL update. Then install SQL server 2005 SP2, reboot a few times. just to be sure. Now install VS2005 SP1. Fails with error 2755, which is just some generic error. So I get the idea, I never started VS so I start it to like select default language and so on. Start it and everything, get it going, close it and try to patch again. Same Error, so I figure maybe just a bad download of the Service pack. So I get out the VS SP1 off the MSDN CD, same error. So I start Visual Studio Again and this time I get the do you want to join in the customer experience program. Which I click, no and this time actually create a quick Console app, compile it and run it and everything works in VS, I haven't installed any add ons or source safe or anything yet. So I try to install the service pack again, from both CD and a new download, same error on both of them.


    Is there something I am missing? I looked all over the web for this error and Visual Studio, I find the error a lot but this is like a generic error.

    Monday, October 15, 2007 3:50 PM


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