About building block and "building blocks.dotx"


  • Hi. everyone.

    I was just wondering if i could implement some requirements using building blocks and content controls in word 2007.

    *  Here are requirements.

    1. Using word 2007, "Template writer" write a business document template which consists of doucment parts and submit it to a server for approval. Document part has some properties, for instance categories, revision number, approval status, confidential level, contents and so forth.

    2. If document part is approved, it is saved on the serverside repository as serverside doucment part.

    3. "Document writer" composes a business document using a custom tasks pane for docucment composing and serverside document parts.  A doucment using serverside document part have to maintain a relationship between its document parts and serverside document parts which it referred to for auditing.

    3.1.  "Document writer"  searchs a server repository to finding serverside document parts which he or she wants to use when creates a doucment using a user interface on custom tasks pane.

    3.2. The query resultset (the content of a building block) will be included as a  building block into "building blocks.dotx". and serverside document part properties will be displayed on custom tasks pane's datagridview.

    3.3  "Document writer" choose the serverside document part from custom tasks pane's datagridview and then the content of the serverside document part will be inserted into the word doucment surface when user click a insert button. 

    * Here are my questions.

    1. How can i add a building block into "building blocks.dotx" programmatically  at stage 3.2 ?

    2. Is there any information about "building blocks.dotx" and building block from the point of programmer's view ?

    Thanks in advance. 

    Thursday, November 02, 2006 4:35 AM