How to register a .dll in gac


  • I want to register a .dll in gac.plz help me to solve out.


    plz tell me what is process to register a .dll in through programming.

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  • To place a dll into the GAC the following steps need to be done:

    1. Generating a public key or a strong name

    go to VisualStudio.Net command prompt and type the following command:

    sn -k keyfile1.snk
    Here keyfile1.snk is the keyfile we are generating.

    You can store this key file in the bin folder of the assembly. In order to do this u have to go to the bin folder.

    For example:
    C:\foldername\assemblyname\bin sn-k keyfile1.snk

    By doing this the keyfile is stored in the bin folder.

    2. Adding the public key to the AssemblyInfo.vb file of the DLL. This step is called Signing the Assembly with a public key.

    Go to AssemblyInfo.vb file:
    <Assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("C:\foldername\assemblyname\\keyfile1.snk")> 

    3. Build the assembly

    4. Placing the dll into GAC .

    By using the utility gacutil -i (you should give the complete path of the dll)
    c:\>gactutil -i c:\foldername\assemblyname\bin\assemblyname.dll

    More about gacutil tool:

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  • i want to do this trough coding automatically in
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  • Hello Arkyadeep,

    >> i want to do this trough coding automatically in

    Answer found here :


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    • You can install the .dll file by using the Gacutil tool or by dragging the .dll file to the appropriate folder. If you use the Gacutil tool, you can use a command that resembles the following:
      gacutil -I "[DriveLetter]:\[PathToBinDirectoryInVSProject]\gac.dll"
      To drag the file, open two instances of Windows Explorer. In one instance, find the location of the .dll file output for your console project. In the other instance, find c:\[SystemRoot]\Assembly. Then, drag your .dll file to the Assembly folder.
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