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  • Hi SrikarReddy,

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    After research, I found an appropriate answer to boost execution time, please refer the below code from the answer:

    public class CodedUITest1
        public void TestInit()
            // Call a common routine to set up the test
        public void CodedUITestMethod1()
            // To generate code for this test, select "Generate Code for Coded UI Test" from the shortcut menu and select one of the menu items.
    class MyCodedUITests
        /// <summary> Test startup. </summary>
        public static void StartTest()
            // Configure the playback engine
            Playback.PlaybackSettings.WaitForReadyLevel = WaitForReadyLevel.Disabled;  //allows the test to run at full speed. 
            Playback.PlaybackSettings.MaximumRetryCount = 10;  //wair for loading page then response
            Playback.PlaybackSettings.ShouldSearchFailFast = false;  //set full timeout to load page
            Playback.PlaybackSettings.DelayBetweenActions = 500;  //the delay time between the UI actions
            Playback.PlaybackSettings.SearchTimeout = 1000;  //the dafault is 3min
            // Add the error handler
            Playback.PlaybackError -= Playback_PlaybackError; // Remove the handler if it's already added
            Playback.PlaybackError += Playback_PlaybackError; // Ta dah...
        /// <summary> PlaybackError event handler. </summary>
        private static void Playback_PlaybackError(object sender, PlaybackErrorEventArgs e)
            // Wait a second
            // Retry the failed test operation
            e.Result = PlaybackErrorOptions.Retry;

    After the experiment in my side, the execution time is reduced.

    Any feedback will be expected.

    Best Regards,


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