none - Unicode support - what are the changes i should do.?


  • Hi, we have a application ( - windows form based), we used VS 2010, and SQL 2008.  I want to make our app unicode support 

    My database may contain Unicode characters. So, in the application end, to process/display that data successfully what are things i should check.?

    1. anything reg. controls - I heard all control are unicode supported - so, i dont have do any change related to controls..? I use regular controls, Gridview(also have editable colum), listview, buttons.

    2. Any changes For processing the data?  we retrive the data from SQL 2008 and do string operations - compare/replace some contents  in the string and populate in a xml.. 

    If i have posted this in a wrong forum category, please direct me on which is right forum category..

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  • Hi,


    VB.Net always has full Unicode support for language and runtime.

    For backend Unicode characters, it can be displayed correctly in general.

    For backend non-unicode characters, please use related Encoding class to tranform into Unicode to get better globalization support.

    .NET Framework provides some implementations of the Encoding class to support Unicode encodings and other encodings which include UnicodeEncoding, UTF32Encoding, UTF8Encoding, ASCIIEncoding and more. You can use them to make tranformation as your demand.

    Please visit to learn more details about encoding transformation.




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