Branched version does not show up Map to Local Path or Remove Mapping options


  • Friends,

    I have folder structure in TFS like below

    - Cust
       - Unit
          - Prod
              - MainSource            // My main source code  ( Here I see Map option under Advanced on right click )
              - BranchedSource     // Folder       ( Here I see Map option under Advanced on right click )
                   - Branched_1      // My Branched source code from MainSource    ( No Map option found )
                   - Branched_2      // My Branched source code from MainSource    ( No Map option found )

    I have created multiple branches from the MainSource. I would like to map only two branches ( Branched_1 & Branched_2 ) to different directory and with different name on my local machine. The problem is that i am not able see 'Map to Local Folder' / 'Remove Mapping' option under Advanced menu ( right click - > Advanced ) for these branches.  But i see this option for my parent branch folder 'BranchedSource' but i dont want that, i want to map only that paricular branch to my local D:\ drive directly.

    Anyone have any idea why Map to Local Folder is not shown for individual branch ? or any way to enable it ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks - Ravi

    Thursday, December 07, 2017 10:33 PM

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