what is difference between Thread and process?


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  • A process is the running image of a program loaded and executed in the system's memory; a thread is is the smallest unit of processing that can be scheduled by an operating system.
    Every process has at last one thread (the main thread) that exists so to allow the process to run and perform its tasks.
    If you want to know something more about processes and threads in Windows take a look at the following address


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  • Just to add up on others: A process will have at least one or more threads.

    Following is by far the best resource available to mankind (0:


    Threads vs Processes

    A thread is analogous to the operating system process in which your application runs. Just as processes run in parallel on a computer, threads run in parallel within a single process. Processes are fully isolated from each other; threads have just a limited degree of isolation. In particular, threads share (heap) memory with other threads running in the same application. This, in part, is why threading is useful: one thread can fetch data in the background, for instance, while another thread can display the data as it arrives.


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  • process 

    In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being sequentially executed by a computer system that has the ability to run several computer programs concurrently.


    A single process may contain several executable programs (threads) that work together as a coherent whole. One thread might, for example, handle error signals, another might send a message about the error to the user, while a third thread is executing the actual task of the...

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  • The processes and threads are independent sequences of execution, the typical difference is that threads run in a shared memory space, while processes run in separate memory spaces.

    A process has a self contained execution environment that means it has a complete, private set of basic run time resources purticularly each process has its own memory space. Threads exist within a process and every process has at least one thread.

    Each process provides the resources needed to execute a program. Each process is started with a single thread, known as the primary thread. A process can have multiple threads in addition to the primary thread.

    On a multiprocessor system, multiple processes can be executed in parallel. Multiple threads of control can exploit the true parallelism possible on multiprocessor systems....Thread Vs Process


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