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  • Hi,

    I deployed the SQL Resource Provider in the Default Provider Subscription. I am now at a point to setup the SQL Hosting Servers. In the docs there is this note

    The SQL resource provider should be created in the default provider subscription while SQL hosting servers should be created in a billable, user subscription. The resource provider server should not be used to host user databases.

    So I have created a User Subscription, but when I try to create a SQL Server VM for the hosting server in that User Subscription, it does not see the images in the MarketPlace to use for the VM. It actually sees nothing in the market place. The way I read the docs was that I needed to do the following:

    1. Create the User sub

    2. Add a SQL Server VM to the User sub. 

    3. Add the Hosting server to the User Sub.

    I believe I am not understanding the process correctly. Even if I had the VM in the User Sub, It is not visable to the admin portal when I try to add a Hosting Server. The Admin portal only sees the 3 subs (Metering, Default, Billing).

    Can someone out line the steps I need to take to setup the Hosting Servers?


    Paul Hacker

    Paul Hacker

    Sunday, April 14, 2019 7:38 PM

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