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    HI All,

    I am making an application which has been written in .Net. It is accessing my Dll (implemented in managed C++). This DLL is further calling lib (lets say lib1) which is implemented in c++. This lib further call function of lib (lets say lib2) implemented in C. This lib1 and lib2 is also using lib implemented in C and built in gcc compiler in Msys environment.  My application , DLL , lib1 and lib 2 have been built in VS 2015 with /MD switch.

    Flow is Application -> DLL -> lib1 -> lib2

    My issue is I am getting Access violation exception in one flow but stack trace of my DLL is only printing up to the API of lib1 (implemented in c++). It is not printing API of lib2. However by do the logging in file, I can the exception is coming from API of lib2 which is internally called from lib1 API. 

    Now how can I exactly get which line is doing crash as I don't have access of source code of lib built in gcc. I have tried try / catch in lib1 but access violation exception is generic one which can be only caught in catch(...).

    I have tried to use c++ 11 std::exception_ptr and try to re-throw but it is not helpful. Using debug diagnosis tool is also not helpful as it is also giving stack trace until lib1 API.

    I can debug my code as this bug is reproducible only my test machine. On development machine it is working fine.

    Please guide me how can I get the full stack trace of exception or if there is any way to run memory profiler on test machine ?


    Monday, May 7, 2018 11:10 AM

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  • Maybe you can find the exception record and the context record for the failure with the GetExceptionInformation API




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