VBScript Issue in the latest version of .NET Framework


  • Hello,

    Our project was developed in Classic ASP and uses VBScript for client side scripting.

    In some of the pages, while checking the number of selected checkboxes, we were using the below code.


    This used to work fine. Two days back, we have upgraded the .NET Framework to 4.7.10 on the client server. From that moment onwards, the above line of code is not returning anything (It just returns empty). There are many pages that uses this line of code to get the number of selected checkboxes.

    Can anyone please tell me if the above feature is deprecated in the .NET Framework 4.7.10 version?

    FYI: We can't upgrade our project to ASP.NET as the project is very huge and the management is not willing to upgrade now.



    Wednesday, January 3, 2018 10:58 PM

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