Implimenting a REST IIS service with mutliple host headers: Almost impossible with WCF? RRS feed

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  • When developing a REST based WCF IIS service, I ran in to the typical issue when trying to communicate via jquery:
    This collection already contains an address with scheme http

    No problem, I just define a baseAddressPrefixFilterr.  Well, that works great if you are communicating on the defined baseAddressPrefixFilter, but if you hit it on one of the other host headers, you wind up having to make a cross domain request GET to the baseAddressPrefixFilter address in order to communicate, rather than using POST and a relative path.  This seems rather restricting and makes WCF almost useless for use in ajax applications.

    I thought about moving to a traditional .asmx webservice, but i read somewhere that out and ref parameters are not allowed in the method signatures (when using json as the return structure).  Is this true?  Am I wrong on any points?  Does anybody have a suggested solution for the above issue?
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