What is the protocols used in http and net.tcp binding?


  • In OSI model application layer (http,smtp..etc ) communicates to Transport layer(tcp,udp...etc)

    example : If there is a HTTP request it will go TCP (Transport layer) and further to network layer

    i am bit confused in http binding and net.tcp binding.

    if we use http binding will it will use http protocol (application layer) and go through TCP (Transport layer) and further to network layer ?

    if yes what will be the application layer for net.tcp binding ?

    Friday, June 29, 2012 2:01 PM


  • Yes, if you use an HTTP binding, it will use the HTTP protocol. Of course, HTTP uses TCP under the hook, and TCP uses IP under the hook. UDP is not used in this scenario. If you use a TCP binding, then HTTP is bypassed, and you work directly with the TCP layer.

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