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  • I need to know what the differences between invoking a service for instance, or by URL.

    For example when a service will consume the other. Should I call by instance or URL?         
    I need toexplainwhat is the advantage of using one.

    Is there anylink that can verify this?

    thank you

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  • I'm not sure I understand what you are asking.  WCF service operations are invoked in one of the following ways:

    1. by using a proxy that is generated by Visual Studio or the svcutil.exe command-line tool (see:
    2. by instantiating a ChannelFactory and using it to create a channel (see:

    Additionally you can use the WCF HTTP Web Programming Model to create WCF services that respond to non-SOAP HTTP requests (

    It sounds to me like you are asking for the advatages between invoking WCF SOAP services and invoking WCF HTTP Web services. WCF SOAP services add additional features (like security, reliable messaging, etc) but require SOAP clients (and larger message payloads). WCF HTTP Web Services can be called from any web browser or application that can make HTTP requests, but it does not provide security (unless you use HTTPS) nor does it provide reliable messaging.

    I hope this information is helpful,

    Michael Green
    WCF Documentation Team

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