Multi-touch in WPF 4?


  • After Reading the msdn document, I know wpf 4 already support many gestures, such as Pan/Tap/Zoom/....

    How to write the gesture program in WPF 4(C#), where I can find a simple sample for it?

    Windows 7 Multitouch .NET Interop Sample Library can support some gestures, can't support some other gestures(the gesture for .NET4), it is for .NET 3.5 SP1, the GestureHandler handle the gesture, but I try the GestureHandler in the WPF 4 program, I find it can't resolve directly, it seems it hasn't been integrate in .NET4.

    so if i write a program to support gesture, Does I still need include the GestureHandler file(Windows 7 Multitouch .NET Interop Sample Library ) in the WPF 4 project?

    After I read the paper "Introduction to WPF 4 Multitouch", I can write a simple sample for Manipulation and inertia. In the paper, it is written that Manipulation is a superset of gestures. How to recognize the gesture when use Manipulation and inertia? Can i use  both the gesture and Manipulation and inertia in a control? thanks.

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010 1:39 PM


  • Hi Tszzp,

    WPF4 supports multitouch and manipulation but not gesture. You need to add a reference to the GestureHandler assembly in your WPF4 application to support gesture.

    The following is an MSDN sample introducing how to create a touch application in WPF4:

    Hope this helps.

    Linda Liu


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