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  • string SubString method throws exception rather than returning whole string.

    ANSWER: Microsoft are morons - you should return the string not an exception - you are morons!!!

    Ever since that retarded fat bloke took over ("Developers! Developers! Developers!) about 15 to 20 years ago Micro$ have gone downhill so rapidly that despite C# and various other things that were in the pipeline you are still destroying yourselves at a rate of knots.

    Why would anyone invent DLL hell and in the process claim they were removing it (when it had never existed before they came up with the phrase (anyone who has developed with Silver!!ite knows what I am on about.)


    Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:13 PM

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  • I forgot a ")" because I am drunk but the meaning is still 100%


    Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:15 PM
  • Check your code for correctness first, ask second!

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    João Miguel

    Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:33 PM
  • Return original string using Substring.
            private static string TestString(string s)
                string sub = s.Substring(0, s.Length);
                return sub;

    Hope this helps.

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    • Proposed as answer by Shyam Kr Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:58 PM
    Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:39 PM
  • Dude, you shouldn't post when you're drunk!

    You didn't post the code in question, so we don't know what you did wrong, but you should easily be able to avoid an exception when using Substring ... maybe you need better coding practices? I'm not drunk ... ;0)

    ~~Bonnie Berent DeWitt [C# MVP]

    Saturday, December 8, 2012 5:25 PM
  • I love the way that you company name appears as

    Countrywide Accident Ass

    That really says it all

    Paul Linton

    Sunday, December 9, 2012 10:21 PM