VB.NET Database Application - Sample (with source code)


  • A little background before I ask my question.


    I'm a fairly experienced developer - I have spent many years working in a proprietary language (within a commercial ERP package). I am starting a project, for which I am using This project is going to be an ERP like application – one that manages a good portion of a businesses activities. Having limited experience with any language except the one I work in (which I cant use for this project), I have spent the last 2 or more months investigating just how I’m going to go about it – reading various books on, (and C#, but that is another story) and MS SQL Server 2005 programming. While these books have offered plenty of examples of dealing with specific issues (And there are plenty of examples on the net dealing with specific issues), I’m have not found an example which ties it all together.


    This has made my investigations very slow and painful. Every step of the way I’m having to investigate what the best approach is, and how to do it.


    This brings me to my question/request. I’m after an example (with source code) of a database application written in It doesn’t have to be much – just enough to cover most of the basics which someone is likely to use in a database application, such as:

    - Use of a single connection throughout the application (preferably made by the Data Sources interface in visual studio)

    - Use of bound forms (both detailed and list), created by the drag-and-drop method (from Data Sources)

    - Code querying/updating data in the database

    - Error handling/Data validation

    - Ability to select the database at run time


    If anyone can point me to any such example (Well, one that has a number of these anyway), I’d much appreciate it.





    Saturday, July 28, 2007 5:30 AM


  • I had a lot of trouble trying to learn, I had no money to buy a book. I used the forms over data, but that didn't help much. I wanted to do everything through the code.

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    Saturday, July 28, 2007 3:50 PM