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  • No offense to anyone in the VS 2019 team because they are doing a wonderful job for the most part but.... I'm sorry what was going through the head of the person who designed this? To be fair to them, they did put it in source control, so I should've maybe thought that it was relative to the git versions, and not to the locally saved version. Regardless, why does it, at no point, mention that the existing changes will be permanently deleted, and that the object to be undone, is the entire file you're working in? And not just the line some may have selected and right clicked. It immediately overwrites the version saved locally, leaving NO method to restore to that point in case it was an accident, and it gives no indication that the undo history and everything will be totally nuked. Just asks if you're sure you want to undo the pending changes to this object. without specifying what pending changes means. or what the object is.

    In my particular case a line showed yellow meaning there were unsaved changes and i didn't know what they were so i just wanted a way to undo changes to the one line to see what had happened to it. two unfortunate clicks later the last days worth of rewriting and changing the scope of a whole lot of things got nuked. I really feel like more thought should be put into warnings when it essentially nuke an entire file without recovery options. I was using python and one cant really "build" a python script so there's no grab latest build. :/
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  • Hi pyfrog,

    Sorry for this inconvenience.

    The tool as a plugin in visual studio, the developer seems to just want it to implement basic feature, to make it look lighter without affecting VS performance, so much human-computer interaction experience is not considered. 

    We recommend you could go to developer community to post this features, then product team will response to you as soon as possible. Thank you for patience.

    At last, we appreciate that you could post it here, and thank you for your suggestion, which will help us make VS a better tool.

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