PeopleSoft Adapter : CreateEx issue with Date format RRS feed

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  • Hi There,

    In my BizTalk Server Send port using PeopleSoft adapter I have configured every thing as I wanted to, for some of the methods it is working fine, however for the CreateEx Method I am facing issues (For information, I am using BizTalk Server 2013R2, and PeopleSoft is using SQL Server databases)

    When I call the UpdateEx of one of the standard Component Interfaces method of the PeopleSoft Adapter with


    everything is working well, the configuration of the Send port indicates : Database date format = YYYY-MM-DD

    However when I call the CreateEx method, I have the following error : 

    E-CORE0049: Source and target param types were incompatible

    Call to CreateEx@PeopleSoft://CI/PROGRAM_CF 
        Implementation = PeopleSoft://CI/PROGRAM_CF

    SOAP://xmlns/schemas.microsoft.com/PROGRAM_CF/properties_PROGRAM_TBL_sequence:Type/PROGRAM_TBL ==> PeopleSoft://CI/Date
    (SOAP://xmlns/schemas.microsoft.com/PROGRAM_CF/CreateEx:Element/properties ==> PeopleSoft://CI/PROGRAM_CF/properties)
    (Error occurred before call to foreign method)

    Cast failure occurred in:
        [ 0] Conversion from PROGRAM_TBL to Date
        [ 1] Conversion from PROGRAM_TBL to EFFDT
        [ 2] Conversion from PROGRAM_TBL_sequence to PROGRAM_TBL
        [ 3] Conversion from PROGRAM_TBL_sequence to PROGRAM_TBL_sequence
        [ 4] Conversion from properties to properties

    Location of failure in source data:

        document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) properties properties = 
            document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) SETID SETID = 
                UTF8String UTF8String = "FD"
            document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) PROGRAM_CODE PROGRAM_CODE = 
                UTF8String UTF8String = "ABI02-ASSECOCI8"
            document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) PROGRAM_TBL_sequence PROGRAM_TBL_sequence = 
    -->         document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) PROGRAM_TBL PROGRAM_TBL = 
                    document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) EFFDT EFFDT = 
                        UTF8String date = "2017-01-01"
                    document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) EFF_STATUS EFF_STATUS = 
                        string string = "A"
                    document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) DESCR DESCR = 
                        UTF8String UTF8String = "xxxx"
                    document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) DESCRSHORT DESCRSHORT = 
                        UTF8String UTF8String = "xxxx"
                    document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) MANAGER_NAME MANAGER_NAME = <empty>
                    document (xmlns=PROGRAM_CF) BUDGETARY_ONLY BUDGETARY_ONLY = 
                        string string = "N"

    Any idea on how to solve this date issue? 


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    Friday, March 3, 2017 3:42 PM