Office 2000 SR-1a patch


  • I have a problem with Office application (all of them, Windows, Exel, Powerpoint, etc.). I'm sing Office 2000. Days ago I had some problems and I inserted the software disc (Office - 2000) to reload i. Then, I got this message: "Error configuring ODBC data source" followed by: Action: Install ODBC" and Err.Num.: 1919; Err0: 6; Err1: Component not found in registry" and Err2: MS Access Database". I have used Office regularly by years and never had any problems. I have located ODBC in my computer but I do not know what to change there. I also visited microsoft web for any helpfull download and I found (as it is suggested) SR-1a patch specially formated for Office-2000 users. I tryed to download this but I failed. Any help? Thanks in advance for your time. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion to solve my issue. Again, thanks.


    Thursday, April 07, 2005 2:30 AM


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