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  • OptimaJet develops Workflow management software. Currently, we offer three key workflow management solutions - Workflow Engine, Workflow Server and DWKit - BPM .NET Core. Read our story on our blog!

    Workflow Engine is our main product. It is easy to embed through program API with any app using .NET library and a visual HTML5 designer tool. The integration process is simple and similar to integration of any other .NET library with JavaScript components. Workflow Engine visual designer tool, for example, can be embedded into any web-page or React/Angular component. A major issue is that Workflow Engine is compatible with a broad range of databases. 

    Its main features are: 

    1. HTML5 visual designer. We realize that not everyone is a developer, that is why Workflow Engine comes with an inbuilt HTML5 visual designer that allows you easily create interactive workflows of any complexity, there’s no need to draft them programmatically. We utilize the native element to let you design, model, edit and visualize your custom workflows.

    2. Version control. Workflow Engine comes with an in-built version control that helps you keep track of any changes introduced to your workflows and revert them upon necessity. Whenever you update a workflow, the engine versions your changes, letting you choose whether you want existing processes to finish running the old version or to force them to run a new one.

    3. Parallel workflows. Workflow Engine makes it possible to split your workflow into multiple branches to execute activities concurrently rather than successively. Successful completion of activities within all branches merges the branches back and forwards the process in your workflow.

    4. XML export/import. Workflow Engine generates versioned XML definition files that are stored in a connected database. Besides, the visual designer allows you to export and import workflows as backups, or for further reuse and sharing. 

    5. Localization support. Translate user interface to various languages

    6. Timers. Workflow Engine enables users to add custom timers to trigger a transition from one activity to another, supporting the UTC format by default and allowing you to use a custom format.

    7. Compatibility. Workflow Engine comes in a .NET build, enabling you to run it in any environment that supports these technologies and integrate it into your .NET solutions. Besides, the engine is supplemented with a set of providers that allow you to connect it to a DBMS of your choice. 

    8. BPMN2 support. Workflow Engine allows you to use your favorite BPMN tools to model business processes and execute them within the solution, enabling your analysts and developers to work more efficiently when using Workflow Engine as part of your BPM software.

    Workflow Server, our next product, is designed especially for microservices-based architecture. It is also a perfect solution if you need a Workflow administration panel. This product is a stand-alone application which includes a web-interface and an integration API. It can be integrated with any app via REST API, OpenAPI descriptions provided. It is essential that Workflow Server’s average response time on a medium class virtual machine is approximately 200 simultaneous requests per second.   

    Workflow Server covers all workflow cases for document approval systems and demonstrates perfect performance. It's enough for any solution from corporate systems to IoT platforms.

    It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS environment. Supports docker container deployment.

    It is worth mentioning that both Workflow Engine and Workflow Server do not have authentication and authorization mechanisms and use interfaces to be integrated with external authentication/authorization services. They also don’t offer FormBuilder tools. 

    In short, if you’d like to enhance your workflow functionality, but wouldn’t want to integrate Form Builder into your existing .NET project, Workflow Engine is the best solution for you! For more information, try our free software demo version and see our user documentation

    In microservices-based architecture better use Workflow Server. It is also a perfect solution if you need a Workflow administration panel.

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