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  • Hi,

    I bought LightSwitch half a year ago as a standalone product (I do not own VS, because I do not need it - LS perfectly suites my needs) and I wonder what is the best way to upgrade it to LS 2012. It seems to me that LS 2011 became somehow unsupported, because no fixes/servicepacks were downloaded, instead of it LS 2012 was released as a part ov VS11. So I have two questions...

    1) Will I be somehow able to upgrade LS to the newest version or will I have to buy (at least) VS Professional?

    2) If I decide to buy VS Professional, will I receive any discount, because I already paid for LS?

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    Dienstag, 28. August 2012 11:05

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  • Hi Pavel

    1. I think you can't able to upgrade V1 to V2 (2012). You have to buy Visual Studio Professional 2012 or higher.

    2. I think there is no officially special offer for existing LightSwitch V1 license holder. No you will not receive any kind of discount.

    Visual Studio 2012 Pricing


    Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi

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  • Hi Rashmi,

    thank you for your reply. I do think so, unfortunately, but I would like to make things absolutely clear and rather know than just think, so some official answer from MS would be highly appreciated.



    Dienstag, 28. August 2012 12:45
  • Hey MS guys,

    can anyone confirm (or better decline), that I bought half a year ago a product that was advertised as a tool for "non professional programmers", during this time I haven't downloaded any fixes/updates (probably you consider LS 2011 to be absolutely rock-solid-bug-free or maybe just my Microsoft Update does not work properly) and if I want to upgrade it to a new version, I have to buy at least Visual Studio Professional? That does not sound quite fair to me and very likely I've already made better deals in my life than this one.

    If this is really true and I will have to pay another 535€ to get (hopefully) supported product, I feel I was deceived.

    So please, can anybody give me clear answer?

    "Dave Mendlen, senior director of developer marketing at Microsoft, said LightSwitch is aimed at the power user or business professional accustomed to using tools such as Access or Excel. The tool enables them to build professional-looking, custom business applications practically and affordably through prebuilt templates."

    Mittwoch, 29. August 2012 13:34
  • Hi

    It's now clear that you have to buy VS Pro to get Lightswitch which is a strange decision by MS in my opinion!

    Surely, Lightswitch is aimed at people who specifically want to avoid all the complexities of VS? 

    I guess it comes down to sales volumes - but in the end Lightswitch will be popular once it has all the features we need (including better controls, graphs, reporting etc) and then will sell by the container load!


    Freitag, 29. März 2013 17:48