Show master detail in single gridview control


  • I have a requirement to show master / detail information in a GridView control. I have seen examples of doing this using TreeView controller, but I am interested doing this using grid view control.
    Let's say that I have a customers and orders table. When I populate my grid with data, initial rows should show me the customer with an expand button. When clicked it should display the order for that customer

    - Customer001 Cus Name
      Ord1 10 230 20 250
      Ord2 15 100 10 110
      Ord3 14 200 22 222
      Ord3 23 250 32 282

    + Customer002 Cus Name2
    + Customer003 Cus Name3
    + Customer004 Cus Name4
    + Customer005 Cus Name5

    I also want the user to edit data in the order list by double clicking on price / qty cells.
    I am not sure whether this is doable.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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