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  • Visual Studio 2017 / Windows 10

    projem bittikten sonra visual studio  installer setup projesi ekledim. "User's Desktop" klasörüne kısayol ekledim ve ikonu seçtim. projemi kurduğum zaman masaüstü ikonumun sağ üst köşesinde uçları birbirine bakan mavi iki ok çıkıyor. program menüsüne eklediğim kısayolda, proje ikonunda veya exe ikonunda bir problem yok. bu hususta bilenlerin yardımını bekliyorum.

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    28 Haziran 2018 Perşembe 07:40

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  • Uzun zaman geçse de ben sorumun cevabını buldum. Belki birilerinin işine yarar.

    You may have noticed several icons in your Windows operating system which have an overlay icon on it. This could be the most common overlay arrow icon, which indicates that the icon is a shortcut icon; or it could be a padlock icon, which would indicate that you have a private item in a non-private directory. Two small blue arrows on the top right corner of the icon indicate a compressed file or folder.

    Remove two blue compression arrows on desktop icons:

    1] Decompress via Properties
    To decompress a file or a folder, right-click on and the file or folder and under the General tab, select Advanced. Here uncheck the option to Compress contents to save disk space and click Apply/OK. Windows will start un-compressing the contents and the 2-arrows will disappear.

    2] Registry method
    Before you begin, create a System Restore Point first. Now to remove the 2-arrows overlay icon, you will have to open Registry Editor. To do so, press Win+R in combination. In the empty field of the Run dialog box that appears on your computer screen, type regedit and hit Enter.
    When the Registry Editor opens, navigate to the following location:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons
    Please note that, if the Shell Icons key does not exist, you will have to create it. To do so, select File Explorer, right-click Explorer, chose New and select ‘Key’ from the options displayed, and name the key as Shell Icons.
    If you already have Shell Icons, you will see a string 179 in the right panel of your window screen. If not, create a new String Value and name it 179.
    Now set its Value Data to the full path of a blank icon file. You will have to create a blank or transparent .ico file of size, or you can download this one from our servers and use it.
    Now, for removing the 2-arrows Icon Overlay, edit the string value 179 and insert the path of the blank .ico file you want to use.
    At any point in time, if you would like to restore to original settings, then simply delete the 179 String.
    We recommend the first way of doing it.

    And answer side of c#

    If the InstallAllUsers property of the Setup and Deployment project is set to TRUE, then the two blue arrows will appear on the installed desktop icon, program menu icon, and folders where the assembly is installed. However, when this property is set to FALSE, it will prevent the arrows from appearing throughout the Windows OS


    26 Kasım 2020 Perşembe 15:28