check user access in the site using object model in sharepoint 2010


  • Hi,

    Instead of using VS, you can use sharepoint manager codeplex tool to view the sharepoint permission manager codeplex tool.

    Let us know if it is helpful

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  • Hello

    For this, you need to check the role of the current user with something like this

    SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web;
    SPRoleAssignment assignment = web.RoleAssignments.GetAssignmentByPrincipal((SPPrincipal) web.CurrentUser);
    foreach (SPRoleDefinition role in assignment.RoleDefinitionBindings)
    //Check the role you are looking for and do your stuff

    Hope this help

    Best regards, Christopher.
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  • You can use the oob SharePoint User Group web service to retrieve this data:


    List<string> userGorups = new List<string();
    using (SharePoint_UserGroup.UserGroup proxy = new SharePoint_UserGroup.UserGroup())
                        proxy.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
                        proxy.Url = System.IO.Path.Combine(siteUrl, "_vti_bin/usergroup.asmx").Replace("\\", "/");
                        System.Xml.XmlNode ndGroups = proxy.GetGroupCollectionFromUser(userId);
                        foreach (System.Xml.XmlNode xmlGroup in ndGroups.ChildNodes[0].ChildNodes)
                          string groupName =sharepointGroup, xmlGroup.Attributes["Name"].Value;


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