Cash Units - USD / GBP / EUR


  • I am writing my first service object for a cash changer. Although now making progress, I cannot find any reference to an example of using CashUnits for a currency like USD or EUR or GBP that have a "dollars" and "cents" style currency.

    If a device accepts 10 cent and 25 cent coins (say) and $1, $5 and $10 dollar bills, what should one return for the values of the various cash units?

    In my previous (non-UPOS) life, I would have returned 10 and 25 for the coins and 100, 500 and 1000 for the bills.

    However, my suspicion is that if I return "USD" as the currency code and "100" for the value for a $1 bill, then this will be misinterpreted.

    Thanks in advance,

    1 มีนาคม 2555 13:27