Autostart not functioning as expected


  • I have a service set up in iis 7.5 and the autostart will not start the application   I have set up the autostart and always running attributes as well as the binding and protocol to net.pipe. Let me explain how the service is set up.  I created a new website and it points to an empty directory. I added the application and it points to my actual application files (.config, svc, etc..). I have some initialization that needs to run before the first call as well as some timers that are needed for polling so i need it to start when iis is started.  When i right click -> browse, the site initializes and everything works. But otherwise when i restart iis or recylce it does not start.  Not sure what I'm missing  Any advice is greatly appreciated. THX
    27 พฤศจิกายน 2554 12:19