How do you create a central repository of VS help files and point developer installations at it?


  • Seeing as VS is all about "collaboration" these days, such a local central repository of "help" files - one that you can keep current, and then point all developer installations at for updating - must be a capability...only I'm apparently too dumb to find it?

    Surely everybody wants everybody on the same page as regards to understand/learning/staying current with how VS, the languages, the servers, etc. work without building in an IT requirement for internet access/open doors to all development workstations?

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  • Hello ibsteve2u,

    As far as I know that there is an internal help system in the VS with which you can view the help documents locally and update the help system online.

    To configure your VS2010 to use local help: click the Help menu->Manage Help Settings->Choose online or local help->click the I want to use local help option .  

    And if you are working with VS2010 Ultimate edition, you can find the MSDN content setup file in the path: <drive>\Ultimate\ProductDocumentation\HelpContentSetup.msha. You can double click the .msha file and choose the content you would like to install. In addition, you can also click the Check for updates online link to install the updates avaliable.


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  • In VS 2002/2003/2005/2008 this is not possible without a lot of force.

    In VS 2010 this is not possible either, although you can have one machine you keep up to date and then copy the files to the other dev PCs.

    In VS 2011 I think this is now possible although I don't have details. It may be as simple as setting your local store location to a common location.

    As Vicky says the online experience works best for most people.


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