Cannot register Test Agent with Controller (Test agent is Azure Worker Role, Controller is local machine, Connected via Azure Connect)


  • Hi there,

    I am having problems trying to set up a load testing rig with a Windows Azure Worker Role registered as a Load Test Agent, with my local PC being the Controller.

    The two computers are successfully connected via Azure Connect. 

    I have a local account on my Controller which is an Administrator, TeamTestAgentService, TeamTestControllerAdmins, TeamTestControllerUsers.

    I have a local account on my Azure test agent which is an Administrator. Both local accounts have the same name "vstestagent"

    When trying to run the Configure Test Agent I get the following error:

    "Failed to register this test agent with the test controller. Possible reasons could be that you do not have the right permissions to connect to the test controller MY-PC:6901, the log on account does not exist on the test controller machine, or a firewall is blocking the connection."

    When I look at the actual error log, I see this:

    I, 2012/03/02, 11:29:17.542, AgentConfiguration: Found agent is not configured on any controller.
    I, 2012/03/02, 11:29:17.542, AgentConfiguration: Adding agent RD00155D424EA4 on controller MY-PC:6901.
    I, 2012/03/02, 11:29:17.542, Adding agent AZUREINSTANCE running under MY-PC:6901 to controller MY-PC\vstestagent 
    I, 2012/03/02, 11:29:17.542, Creating Channel
    I, 2012/03/02, 11:29:21.623, CreateControllerObject: attempt 0, System.Security.Authentication.InvalidCredentialException: The server has rejected the client credentials. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The logon attempt failed
       --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

    So it definitely seems like the agent is connecting to the controller machine, but failing some credential check. This is the part which is mystifying to me, since as I said, I followed some guides which said that the agent and controller both needed local account with the same username and password, this is the case.

    Anyone got any trouble-shooting ideas? 

    2 มีนาคม 2555 11:54