Resume workflow instance after server reboot (It will continue unless another request come in)


  • Hi everyone,

    I host workflow service on IIS and manage it with windows server appfabric.

    I persist the instance with appfabric. There is a "Delay activity" in my WF service.

    When it is delay.It will be persisted .In the appfabric dashborad I could find it in Persisted WF Instance ->Idel :1

    Then I reboot my server. (Just want test reliability of appfabric).

    I found the WF Instance status is still "Idel".But the workflow dose not complete as expected.

    I found only I call another workflow service.The previous "Idle" Workflow instance will be continue.

    How could I configure appfabric to automatically continue completing workflow service after server reboot? 

    20 มีนาคม 2555 5:56


  • It sounds like you are not using auto start. Is this correct?

    Could you provide more information on what you did to start it? Is it just a matter of calling the service in your case?

    If so, you could create a scheduled task to run on startup to call a script that executes a request to the service. Or you should use the auto start capabilities of AppFabric.


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    22 มีนาคม 2555 19:02