Managed Metadata Columns


  • Hello people,

    I have a list with multiple metadata columns.  I'm creating the columns in Visual Studio 2010.  Here is an example of what one of the Managed Metadata Columns looks like:

    <Field ID="{FB439E06-2886-4192-A4EF-F5FFB96675BE}" Type="TaxonomyFieldType" DisplayName="Plant Type" ShowField="Term1033" EnforceUniqueValues="FALSE" Group="Vana" StaticName="PlantType" Name="PlantType">
              <Value xmlns:q6="" p4:type="q6:string" xmlns:p4="">{A3480734-51BB-4A1D-AC76-3D6CFC21FC9F}</Value>

    I have associated to another column of type="Note" associated to the managed metadata column as per the examples I've come across on line. Here is what it looks like:

    <Field ID="{A3480734-51BB-4A1D-AC76-3D6CFC21FC9F}" Type="Note" DisplayName="Plant Type_0" StaticName="PlantTypeTaxHTField0" Name="PlantTypeTaxHTField0" ShowInViewForms="FALSE" Required="FALSE" Hidden="TRUE" CanToggleHidden="TRUE" RowOrdinal="0" />

    Do I have to have a separate "note" column for each managed metadata column or can I associate the one "note" column to all of the managed metadata columns?

    For reference, here is a site I used:

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