Sybase ASE 12.5.4 table(s) not migrating


  • I am trying to migrate a Sybase ASE 12.5.4 database to SS 2008. I was able to create the objects in SqlServer, but the data isn't migrating.  The thing I find strange is that in the Sybase metadata explorer, on the data tab, I can see the data fine. It's not showing any errors either.

    The Data Migration Report has a single line, status = red "x", From = dbname.dbo.thetablename, To = blank, Total Rows = blank, Migrated Rows = blank, Success Rate = "N/A", Duration = blank.

    Migrating data...
    Analyzing metadata...
    Preparing table fc2.dbo.AcceptDeclineReport...
    Preparing data migration package...
    Starting data migration Engine
    Starting data migration...
    Data migration operation has finished.
        0 table(s) successfully migrated.
        0 table(s) partially migrated.
        1 table(s) failed to migrate.

    2011年9月2日 下午 06:48


  • I found the cause of the issue on this. It was caused due to source and target database were different cases, they need to be the same in order to migrate the database. An example is source database "dbname" and target database "DBNAME" will fail to migrate data. It took me a little while to figure out the issue. grr.

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