Regarding LR sample with custom word breaker implementation


  • in MSDN, i found that "The lrsample sample includes an example IWordBreaker implementation, an example IStemmer implementation, and the DLL entry points and exports for the component."

    Where can i find/download this lrsample?

    What is the purpose of this lrsample?

    Please provide necessary details about this so that i helps me in imeplementation of custom word breaker.

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    2012年3月6日 上午 09:23


  • Hi Samba,

    The lrsample is in Microsoft Platform SDK. You can download it from this website:

    Here is a reference about Getting the LRSAMPLE custom word-breaker to work on 64-bit SQL Server 2008:

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    2012年3月7日 下午 12:56
  • Hello Iric,

    1.In the LRSample they used 19465 as LCID for the custom word breaker.How this LCID is generated ?

    2.The LRSample contains custom word  breaker for english only right? Then it should be registred with 1033 LCID only

    Is my understanding correct?

    I understood that people go for a custom word breaker during the situations

    1.When there is no word breaker for the specific language.

    2.When the existing word breaker of specific language is not addressing project needs(special treatment of special characters).

    Unforunately we are in a situation where the messages stored in our tables do not follow the rules of natural languages and the data is stored in multiple languages in the same column.

    Logically i would like to call this as "Industrial language" similar to English,German,Spanish and Japanese languages.

    Below are my questions.

    3.It's possible to develop a custom word breaker only for specific language which has LCID .Is it so?

    4. Assume if I want to develop a custom word breaker/stemmer for the above mentioned "Industrial language"  which does n't have LCID. is it possible?

    5.If yes, how the LCID for new languages are created/registered?

    I hope i  conveyed the problem properly.

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    2012年3月9日 上午 02:27