Microsoft Navision ERP Software - SQL Server 2008 Performance Issue


  • I am using Microsoft Navision ERP Software which runs on SQL Server Native Client (by default) and option to change to SQL Server. So I am using SQL Server 2008 Standard edition. There is a process is called Adjust Cost in Navision which pick the Item from item master table(40,000 records) one by one matches entry from Item Movement (11Lacs records) and Cost from Value entry table(12 lacs records) and calculate average cost and update each entry of that item value in Value Entry table by Average Cost.

    So If I run this process using backend SQL Server Native Client then it takes around 10hrs to complete but If I run this process on SQL Server 2008 then it is taking around 40hrs to complete. So basically I am trying to find out where is the problem.?


    2011年9月5日 4:21