Routing using Geographic Data Types


  • I want to use OSM data (preferably) to perform routing entirely in SQL server... 

    I liked the articles by Alastair Aitchison <Loading OSM to SQL>   and  <Loading OSM part-2>   and  the one which was looking for.. <Categorising and Route-finding>

    I also found old forum posts which indicated, that Route calculation was not done by many people when the geography data type was introduced .. and SQL Server didn't have the functionality at that time... (Thats what I got from my research about it)... 

    I am also aware of "ShortestLineTo"  function.... Have not tried it yet ..... 

    What I want to do is, based on my own weights given to the 'ways' (edges/roads/streets etc) of the network (Imported from OSM file), I want to perform routing, and wish to have 3-4 routes for each source-destination couples...  I have my own Visualization Software, to display vehicles running around on the map.....  The input to my Visualization Software would be a text file which has set of routes calculated by SQL.

    Routing is not the main purpose of my work, so I would rather use any pre-existing APIs/Engines/SQL-AddOns  than write my own routing code.

    If anyone who has implemented routing on SQL using OSM and kept as Open Source, I would be really glad to use it. I assure of proper acknowledgement to the coder.

    I hope I m clear of what I intend to do.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Sanket Gupte
    2011年6月24日 13:04