Bug report MDS 2012 RC0 - Change model to explore in Web UI


  • Hi,

    I've a user with access to one model through the membership of a group (update priviligies on the model and row security using hierarchies) and another model (update priviligies) directly via the user. This gives the user two models to choose from in the explorer model selector.

    Once the user has entered the explorer with model#1 selected and then comes back to the MDS main page and select model #2 to explore he's directed to model #1 anyhow. It isn't possible to explore model #2 even after closing IE and selecting model #2 again.

    I've been running the SP 'UpdateSecurityModelMemberProcessRebuildModel' on both models.

    Best regards Magnus Wernersson

    Magnus Wernersson

    2012年2月10日 11:27