Replication - Oracle Publisher to SQL Server 2005


  • I have successfully set up transactional replication with a distributer on SQL Server 2005 64 bit Enterprise edition.  I set up an Oracle publisher to an Oracle 10g database on a Linux server.  The account used to connect to Oracle is an Oracle account, not an Active Directory account that would use kerberos.  All objects are seen just fine, and I was able to select the objects I want replicated.  The subscriber is a SQL Server 2005 database on server separate from the distribution/publication server.  All jobs seem to have been created correctly, the snapshot created, the objects created on the subscriber database.

    Transactional replication works fine for a while, some times up to days.  But then replication seems to stop.  Checking the Oracle database, I can see that correct entries are being made in the replication tables, but they don't make it to the SQL Server subscriber.  There are no failures or alerts in the various agent jobs (log reader,  distribution agent, cleanup).

    The replication monitor cannot get any information from the Oracle publisher, so I can't see anything there.

    Question: In one of the articles in Configuring an Oracle Publisher it mentions using Oracle Gateway for the connection.  Is that always necessary?  Could that be the missing piece, even though I can consistently see the Oracle objects, so the connectivity seems to be working?

    It is very frustrating, because I can't move this into a production environment since I am not confident that replication is really transferring transactions.

    Any ideas from you all?
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