SQL Server Agent Jobs are not sending notification emails.


  • Hi guys, hopefully someone could point me in the right direction. We have configured several maintenance plans to backup our databases. In the properties of the agent jobs we then set up notifications to be emailed if the job completes or is successful. However that is not working. It was working at one point, but since we have moved to sp3 it stopped. Database mail has been configured and we are able to send test emails. The operator has been added, and also mail has been enabled on the sql server agent properties itself. we have tried restarting the agent, deleting and recreating the database mail setup. Also used our secondary exchange server. Both servers work when we send test emails by right clicking on the database mail menu in the SSMS.

    we are able to get notifications using notification task within the sub-plans of the maintenance plans. However this should be working through the notifications through the agent jobs.

    Below is our environment
    sql server 2008 enterprise r2 64 bit
    server 2008 r2 enterprise, running as a vmware client on a vmware 4.0 server.
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