SQL Server Management Studio does not save password properly


  • I have been running SQL Server 2008 Management Studio for several years and don't understand why a fix has not been released that will allow it to save passwords properly when I login.  It appears that once some password gets saved, it can never be overwritten.  I think at one time I entered an incorrect password, it got saved and now I can never overwrite it with the corrrect password even when I click on the "remember password" check box on the login form.  I have seen posts about this all over the internet yet nothing has changed.  I have a randomly generated password for good security but since SQL Server Management Studio never saves my password, I have to look it up and reenter it every time I login to management studio...this has been a very annoying issue for me for a long time.

    Gary Frickey

    6 มีนาคม 2555 17:37