Create entity: Attribute names cannot contain the following characters


  • I've installed SQL Server 2012 RTM on my Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

    I have configured Master Data services and installed the Excel add-in. No problems yet.

    I import one table from my database to Excel but when I try to make an entity of the table, I get the following error message:

    MDS error

    I'm putting my ID's into the "The column that contains a unique identifier" and the name column to "The column that contains names".

    I also tried to make a dummy ID -column with just numbers ranging from 1 - 60000 -> still the same error. I tried to put an empty ID-column and specify no name column -> still the same error.

    What could be the reason I keep getting the error even though there are no special characters in either of my ID column or the name column?

    30 มีนาคม 2555 8:40


  • One thing that comes to mind is that one of the attribute names might contain a invisible invalid character such as a tab, newline or carriage return. Can you check whether that is the case. You might need some sort of macro to get rid of these invisible characters. If you can send me the excel sheet in question (no need to leave the data in since the problem seems to be with the attribute names) I will take a look. You can reach me at: arunjeet.singh at

    Arunjeet Singh (Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services)

    13 พฤษภาคม 2555 21:05