PowerPivot doesn't create measures for integers and calc columns (CSV fact table source)


  • My CSV source fact table has integers which PowerPivot is not identifying as measures. This is also true for calculated columns defined as decimals.

    My test for this is to connect to the SSAS/PowerPivot instance, select the PowerPivot instance and within the Sandbox cube select "New Query". The Metadata tab shows no Measures (other than a default COUNT) within my Fact table.

    The only way I can expose these fields as measures is to create a PivotTable in my workbook and drag each field that I want as a measure into Values...however each of the measures now shows up as Sum of ...measure name, renaming this has no effect.

    Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or is this a known issue with Text file sources?

    1 เมษายน 2555 12:25