Real World Power View Feedback & Questions


  • We are going to try and use Power View to present some polling data at a BOD meeting next week.  For the most part we have been successful and happy in getting what we want. However I want to share a couple questions and feedback on issues we have run into.

    • Custom sorting is hard if you start with a csv download.  It requires that you create a second table and link it to the main data table.  This should be easier.  Example sorting Strongly Approve, Approve, Neutral, Disapprove, Strongly Disapprove in that order.
    • Percent of total is also a serious challenge.  There should be an easy way of doing this just like in Excel Pivot tables.  Getting percent of total required an extra measure in the model itself and I still haven't found a formula that will give me percent total of say captains who approved of issue A?  I feel like this should be easy to do?
    • Click to interact and the login/load time mean that you really need to click these things before you begin your presentation. 
    • The color scheme options leave a lot to be desired.  It is impossible to match them to existing PowerPoint backgrounds and if you want to give like answers a similar color, for example Strongly Approve and Approve, it is impossible. Is there a workaround for this?
    • "Values" can only be a column chart series and NOT a axis. This is a problem if you want to compare two questions on the X axis.  The only workaround is a clustered column chart.
    • The font and style on the axis and data labels should have the option to be made bigger. It is hard to read for some even on a 15 foot screen.  Is there a workaround for this?

    If there is interest you can contact me privately and perhaps we can share a video of the presentation with you.

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