"Thin" workbook cannot be created in sharepoint for the security issue


  • Hello Friends,

    I uploaded my "CORE" excel workbook in sharepoint--Powerpivot gallery, which it talks to busienss DB via SQL account.

    Then  I login the sharepoint and tried to create a thin workbook in sharepoint--Powerpivot gallery by cliking "Open new excel workbook" based on the "CORE"(the top-right corner button), unfortuanately, it reports the error like "Unable to connect to data source. Reason: access denied. You either make a mistake typing in your USERID and/or Password, or you do not have permission to access the database server."

     My windows account has the full conrol of this sharepoint site. And this windows account has the read permission of sharepoint content DB and suffient permission to access the SQL2012 SSAS powerpivot mode.

    Besides, if I open the "CORE" excel workbook, it works perfectly by creating the pivot chart/table.

    Version: SQL2012 Powerpivot 11.0.2100.60

    Does anyone know how to fix this?


    3 เมษายน 2555 23:17