Steps to troubleshoot SQL connectivity issues

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  • Thanks for your good information.

    I followed your step to step2, the log file showed "error :9003, severity: 20, state:1".

    Could you teach me how to solve this problem or could you provide the URL for how to uninstall SQL Server 2008 and reinstall"


    thank you very much

    I have uninstall and reinstall the SQL Server 2008 already.

    Thanks for your read.

    5 января 2012 г. 5:36
  • The SQL Server connection tool pointed me at the problem- my connection string user and password were being ignored in favor of the windows login I happened to be using.
    2 августа 2012 г. 21:04
  • In lieu of TELNET, one can check port connectivity with the PowerShell command below.  Specify the desired port number instead of the default instance port 1433 as needed.

    1433 | % { echo ((new-object Net.Sockets.TcpClient).Connect("YourServerName",$_)) "server listening on TCP port $_" }

    Dan Guzman, SQL Server MVP,

    4 марта 2013 г. 3:50
  • Xinwei Hong

    I have done the tests recommended in you post by going through the steps in "Steps to troubleshoot SQL connectivity issues" Turning off the Firewall solved the problem, but naturally, I don't want to leave it turned off.

    Here are the settings I have changed and the results:

    Firewall off: Instant connection.

    Domain Profile: Inbound connections changed from Block to Allow. (No results) Time Out at 15 seconds

    Private Profile: Inbound connections changed from Block to Allow. (No results) Time Out at 15 seconds

    Public Profile: Inbound connections changed from Block to Allow. (No results) Time Out at 15 seconds

    All three of the above set to Allow (No Results) Time Out at 15 seconds

    IPSec Settings: All computers on the domain added to Only Allow Exceptions. (No results) Time Out at 15 seconds

    IPSec Settings: Added Domain Admins to Only Allow Authorized list.

    Are there any other firewall settings I can try resetting?

    Tom Childers, Radio Amateur N5GE, Licensed since 1976, QCWA Member 35102, ARRL Life Member

    16 марта 2013 г. 21:51
  • You can now use the following troubleshooter to solve majority of connectivity issues when working with SQL Server.

    Solving connectivity issues to SQL Server

    Please check and share any additional feedback for improvements using the Feedback button at the bottom of the troubleshooter or through comments section in the following blog post on PSSSQL

    Guided walkthrough just got published..


    3 февраля 2017 г. 6:38
  • This is great, Ramu!  I'll be sharing like this in answers for those that missed your post.

    Dan Guzman, Data Platform MVP,

    3 февраля 2017 г. 11:39
  • Thank you Dan. Truly appreciate your help in extending the reach of this doc. If you can think of any additional scenarios or improvements that can be added to this, please do let me know and I can work on the same.



    4 февраля 2017 г. 2:47