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  • I have a number of separate text files which i would like to import into an SQL database. The data is not comma separted so that rules out using my idea of importing data by comma. However, the data is across a number of rows. See example text file below. Please could anyone advise how i could import specific data such as the programmed and mean values, shift number, etc?

    25 februarie 2012 11:53

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  • Hi,

    I think in this case you need to write some (C# or VB) code to import your data to sql server or to format your text files to become CSV or something understandable to SQL server.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Elmozamil Elamir


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    Elmozamil Elamir Hamid

    26 februarie 2012 05:17
  • Hello,

    Could you recommend any tools to format the text files to make them more understandable?

    Thank you

    27 februarie 2012 09:26
  • You can try


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