Display NULL value for all the dimension for a particular measure at the Aggregate(All) Level.


  • Hello All,

    Please help me on this:

    I have to display a measure value for all the dimensions as NULL at the aggregate/top/All level. For all the other dimensional levels, this measure value should be displayed. I used the following MDX, but it will hide the measure value for all the other dimensions(because while drilling through the other dimension, this condition will be satisfied by default):

    SCOPE([abc].[abc].[abc].members, [MEASURES].[measure1]);      

     this = NULL;      




    27 aprilie 2011 09:16


  • Writing separate scope statements solve this problem as:

    Scope([Dimension1].[All Level], [Measures].[testmeasure]))

    THIS = NULL;

    END Scope;

    Scope([Dimension2].[All Level], [Measures].[testmeasure]))

    THIS = NULL;

    END Scope;

    and so on ...........

    Anish Tuladhar - Do not forget to mark as answer, only if helpful.:)

    29 martie 2012 19:58