SQL Mirroring and NLB


  • I have an issue with the mirroring of a MS SQL Server 2008 with NLB. I found a post that implies it is not possible to have read/write, what I want to clarify is could we use a second non-NLB network using seperate interfaces on the same servers on which to have the mirroring occur. Something like the basic diagram below with the SQL mirroring occuring on the 172.16.7.x network, and the NLB on the 192.168.7.x network.

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  • Hello,

    I'm not sure if this is correct or if you actually have two seperate databases being mirrored to each other.

    Assumptions: DB1 = principal, DB2 = Mirror

    Assuming the above, the only way to have a read only copy of the database on the mirror server is to use database snapshots. Be careful when using snapshots as they are a POINT IN TIME (you'll have to drop/create them every x amount of elapsed unit of time), and could potentially grow very large (it also requires enterprise edition).

    As to the whether the mirroring traffic can be done over the 172.16.7.x network, the answer is yes. The traffic can be segregated when the database mirroring endpoint is created (CREATE ENDPOINT under tcp specific arguments, listener ip address) and when the partner is specified.


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