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  • I use COM based resolver on several articles in my merge replication (SQL Server 2005) topology with only one publication.

    I have planned to add another publication that will contain several articles that are already part of existing publication. What I am wondering is do I need to set these COM based resolver for those articles in 2nd publication, or is that something that SQL will do automatically by copying these properties from 1st publication? All that under assumption that I can use COM based resolver to resolve conflict on article that is part of two or more publications? I've tried to find this answer reading documentation (offline and online) but couldn't reach answer.

    Also, must admit, I am bit lazy to set-up similar test scenario on SQL, therefore I am asking for help on this forum.


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  • Yes, it's possible to use a COM based resolver to resolve conflicts for an article which is a part of two or more publications.  You will need to set the resolver for each publication.

    Another option to consider is using parameterized filters which wouldn't require multiple publications.

    Brandon Williams (blog | linkedin)

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